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To donate to the POC and our environmental justice mission, send a check or money order to our treasurer, Vernell Bentley, Brick Yard Terrace, 818 Salt Springs, G23, Syracuse, NY  13224

A check or money order can be made out to The Partnership for Onondaga Creek. Or if you want to make a tax-deductible donation make it out to our 501 C3 sponsor, Onondaga Environmental Institute. 

If you can donate your time and skills, come to our next scheluded POC meeting.  Below are the environmental justice projects that we are working on.

  • educating urban youth about science, environmental justice and ecology through our program Young Eco-'Cuse Explorer Program.  (see Eco-'Cuse Explorer page)
  • raising public awareness about stormwater management and green infrastructure practices. (see Green Infrastructure page)
  • advocating for jobs for urban residents and contractors. (see Jobs Taskforce page)
  • promoting Healthy Homes in Syracuse
  • advocating for better mass transit locally, including pushing for bus riders on the CENTRO board.
Last edited on February 12, 2015