POC's comments on the NYSDEC's SGEIS

The POC's comments on the second draft of the NYSDEC's SGEIS can be found under Resources/Research.  Our comments focus on environmental justice issues.

Hydrofracking: POC comments to the second draft of NYSDEC's sGeis

The POC focused on the Environmnetal Justice weaknesses of the NYDEC's second draft of the sGEIS.  No hydrofracking permits can be issued without the DEC's sGEIS completed and in place.

About the Partnership

 The Partnership for Onondaga Creek (POC), founded in 2000, is a non-profit, un-staffed, low-budget, unincorporated, independent grassroots citizens' group.  The POC is dedicated to environmnetal justice and to water quality of Syracuse's waterways, especially Onondaga Creek.