Urban Jobs Task Force

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Since 2009, the POC has been working on Green Jobs for the urban un- or under-employed. In 2011 we started working on, not just Green Jobs, but any job that might bring some economic equity to urban residents. To address the jobs issue, a number of organnizations and individuals are collaborating as the Urban Jobs Taskforce.

Currently, the UJTF is pushing for community benefit agreements (CBAs) on large municipal contracts that  benefit from our tax dollars. See the attached letter to the Syracuse Common Council asking for a public hearing on CBAs, and in particular, a CBA on the Inner Harbor Development contract. The UJTF hopes to negotiate a CBA, with the developer of the Inner Harbor, COR and is advocating for a new municipal RFP process that will include a CBA to any proposal that has significant public dollars attached.  To help us with legal language and research, the UJTF has asked Syracuse University's Community Development Law Clinic to be our attorneys.

To learn more about CBAs go to our website:  http://syracuseurbanjobs.wordpress.com

If you would like to join us, call Aggie Lane at 478-4571

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Last edited on April 14, 2013