Study in Environmental Racism

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Study in Environmental Racism: 'New and Significant' Information Regarding Title VI Claim 03R-04-R2 Midland Avenue Sewage Plantby the Partnership for Onondaga Creek

From the Executive Summary:
The Partnership for Onondaga Creek (POC) submits "A Study in Environmental Racism: 'New and Significant' Information regarding Title VI Claim 03R-04-R2" as one of several ongoing submissions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Civil Rights.

This rigorously documented case study exposes environmental and institutional racism. Such racism does not necessarily occur with the conscious or willful intent to cause harm to a select group; it is the playing out of disparity that already exists in the local power structure. This disparity leads to the privileging of certain groups at the expense of others. This power structure seeks to silence the less privileged, perpetuating a decades-long pattern of social disinvestment and community disempowerment as has occurred repeatedly on Syracuse's Southside.


Acknowledgements (.pdf of Contents through Chapter II)
      List of Tables/Maps

  1. Executive Summary (.pdf of Summary only)
  2. The 1998 Amended Consent Judgement
  3. The Execution of the Amended Consent Judgment and its CSO Long-Term Control Plan (.pdf)
    1. Bankrupt Public Participation Process in the CSO LTCP
    2. Removal of CSO Abatement Alternatives
      1. ACJ Milestone Manipulation
      2. Flawed Stormwater Modeling
      3. CSO Design Criteria Manipulation
      4. Self-Serving Cost Estimating
      5. Self-serving Midland RTF Alternative Site Review
    3. Summary
  4. Diversity of the Syracuse Communities along the Combined Sewer Overflow
    - Long Term Control Plan (.pdf)
    1. 2000 Census Data by Sensus Tract Data Overview
    2. Maps of Syracuse Communities
      1. Census Tracts of Syracuse
      2. CSO Project Map
    3. Community Profiles
      1. Northside/ Franklin Square and Maltbie Street
        Hiawatha Boulevard
        Sedgwick Farm and Schiller Park
        Teall Brook
      2. Erie Boulevard
      3. Sourthside/ Midland Avenue/
      4. Downtown/Armory Square
      5. Westside/Harbor Brook
    4. Conclusion
  5. Disparity in the Execution of the Combined Sewer Overlow Abatement Projects
    (part 1.pdf)
    (part 2.pdf)
    1. Syracuse's Northside CSO Projects
      1. Franklin Street Floatable Control Facility
      2. Maltbie Street Floatable Control Facility
      3. Hiawatha Boulevard Regional Treatment Facility
      4. Teall Avenue Foatable Control Facility
      5. Onondaga Creek Foatable Control Facility
      6. Skimmer Trash Boat
      7. Summary
    2. Repaired Erie Boulevard Storage System
    3. Syracuse's Southside CSO Projects for the Midland Avenue Sub-basin
      1. Searching for a Better CSO Abatement Technology
        1. Pushing for an alternative search
        2. The 2002 negotiations
        3. Judge Thomas Mcavoy's decision
        4. The county's unilateral decision
        5. The POC works to find $20 million for for the storage option
        6. The POC's Title VI claim
      2. Phase III - The Midland Pipeline
      3. The Cost Scandal and Call for an Audit
      4. Summary
    4. Syracuse's Downtown CSO Projects for the Clinton Street
    5. Syracuse's Westside CSO Projects for the Harbor Brook Sub-basin.
  6. Adverse Impacts (.pdf)
    1. Northside
    2. Southside
    3. Downtown
    4. Westside
    5. Summary
  7. Mitigation by Sub-basin (.pdf)
    1. Northside
    2. Southside
      1. The Need for and the Promise of Mitigation
      2. The Mitigation Package
      3. County Withdraws Mitigation
      4. Response to County's Mitigation Withdrawal
      5. Southsiders Ask County about Phase III Pipeline, its adverse Impacts and Mitigation
      6. Community Organizing on Pipeline, community Development and Jobs
      7. Conclusion
    3. Downtown
    4. Westside
    5. Conclusion
  8. The State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES)
    Permit Process on the CSO Long-Term Control Plan (.pdf)
    Contacts (.pdf)
    1. City of Syracuse v. Onondaga County, 04-0718-cv (2nd Circuit 2006) (.pdf)
    2. U.S EPA, Office of the Inspector General Report: "EPA Needs to Conduct Environmental Justice of its Programs, Policies, and Activities," September 18, 2006 (.pdf)


Last edited on June 15, 2011